Bereavement Support Group

For referrals of the the bereavement programs offered in the neighborhood please call Katy at 718-359-5276.

Individual Counseling

For referrals of certified professionals please call Katy at 718-359-5276.

Ministry to the Homebound

Ministers of the Eucharist are available to bring Holy Communion to those who are homebound or recovering from surgery. Please call Katy at 718-359-5276 to make arrangements for a weekly or monthly visit.

Greeting Cards Sent to the Homebound

Pastoral Care Ministers send seasonal greeting and birthday cards to the homebound members of the Parish. Please call Katy at  718-359-5276 to have your name or the name of your loved one on the list to receive greeting cards.

Telephone Assurance

Pastoral Care Ministers make friendly telephone calls every week to those who are homebound. Please call Katy at 718-359-5276 to receive a weekly phone call or to refer a relative or neighbor who may wish to be called.

Mass of the Anointing of the Sick

The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is meant to bring spiritual strength, comfort, and healing to those who are ill, elderly, or facing surgery. It may be celebrated individually when a priest visits the home of the sick person. Please call the Rectory at 718-359-0417 to request a priest to visit and anoint the ill person. It may also be celebrated communally within the context of Mass. The sacrament is celebrated communally at St. Andrew Avellino Parish in October and March.

Mass for the Deceased Members of the Parish

During the month of November we pray for those who have died. There is a special Mass for all those who died and were buried from St. Andrew Avellino Parish during the past year.

Ministry Consolation

Ministers of Consolation take on the role of companion, greeter, and cake baker. When a funeral is called into St. Andrew Avellino Parish, the coordinator of the ministers contacts a companion. This person calls the person listed as the contact. The companion meets with the contact person to discuss and assist the family in the choosing of the hymns and readings for the funeral Mass. About two weeks later, a cake is brought to the family in the name of the Parish. Four small books are sent to the family during the year. These books, Journeying Through Grief, offer consoling thoughts to family members who are grieving.