Parish Registration

We welcome you if you are a new member to the parish and invite you to register at the Rectory. We encourage you to share in a parish ministry program. You may register at St. Andrew Avellino in a variety of ways including picking up the forms in the rectoryor filling the form out at the bottom of the page and either mailing to the rectory, dropping it in the collection basket or hand delivering to the rectory.

One of the most important things that the people of a parish should do is register. Registering for the parish not only makes you more apart of the family of St. Andrew Avellino and the Church it gives a chance for you and your family to be counted and heard in the parish.

Some important reasons to register are the following:
Sponsor Certificates - when you are asked to be a sponsor for either Baptism or Confirmation you need a letter signed from your pastor stating that you are a practicing Catholic. If you are not registered in the parish it is not possible for the pastor to sign these forms.
Marriage- For marriage preparation and marriage a letter may be needed from your pastor to allow you to get married in another parish or church.
Funerals- when burying a loved one in a catholic cemetery without a funeral mass it is necessary to get priest lines. Unfortunately the pastor needs to know if a parishioner was a registered member before he can officially sign the documents.
Mailings - You will receive all parish mailings with regards to special events and announcements. Contributions - registered parishioners receive weekly envelopes to assist with the day to day operations of the parish.

These are just a few of the ways that being a registered parishioner can make your experience a better one at St. Andrew Avellino.